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Construction Design Management 2015 (CDM) Services



The CDM Regulations cover a wide variety of projects related to construction and while some undertakings are easily identifiable as falling under these regulations some activities such as certain cleaning operations and ground investigation are less so. These regulations stipulate that certain roles are fulfilled by the various interested parties and these roles have certain obligations and duties that must be fulfilled.  


PRV Consultancy Ltd have fulfilled many of the roles and as such are able to offer a full suite of CDM services to the client, principle designer, principle contractor and sub-contractor. It is always important to get professional input on such projects from the very beginning as such please give us a call to discuss as early in the project planning as possible, we are always happy to help and offer advice.



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Some of our CDM services


Client - We can offer a complete service to offer advice and support to the client as designated under CDM 2015. With many of the obligations now falling on the client, even for domestic projects, many clients can find ensuring compliance daunting, but with years of experience PRV can assist the client in achieving compliance for example helping with creation of a client brief, preparation of the preconstruction information and helping to ensure all relevant statutory roles are fulfilled and formally appointed by relatively competent companies.


Principle Designers/Designers – We are able to offer help and advice in the planning and preparation of construction projects to ensure that relevant risks have been considered and where possible designed out during the construction phase of a project but also post completion during operation and maintenance.


Principle contractor – PRV are able to assist the PC in preparation and continued upkeep of all documentation such as the CPP we can also aid with carrying out PQQ’s and control of all sub-contractors. We are able to assist with ensuring health and safety best practice is maintained through out the duration of construction.


Sub-Contractors – We can assist with preparation of PQQ’s and if required aid with proving competence, we can also assist with professional documentation preparation.