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Health and Safety Services:


PRV Consultancy Ltd are able to offer help and advice to ensure that all of your duties, as dictated by law, are met in an efficient, professional and cost effective manner, give us a call today for a conversation about our services and what we can do for you, we are always happy to help and offer basic advice to help start building a relationship with your company.

Some of our Safety services:

  • Retained advisor
  • Nominated competent person
  • Audits/ Safety inspections of Site, office and paperwork
  • General RAMS and SSOW preparation, we undertake these with your staff to help them gain the understanding and confidence to undertake themselves.
  • Risk assessment proforma
  • Method statement proforma
  • CPP preparation
  • Assistance with RAMS preparation
  • Paperwork review
  • Policy Preparation
  • Competency or training matrix preparation 
  • Accident incident and near miss services/collation
  • AINM frequency statistics
  • Accident investigation
  • SIPS accreditation assistance
  • PQQ help
  • Work place assessment
  • Full suite of CDM services



Get in contact to see how we can help you:

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Why carry out a safety inspection or audit?


We will critically analyse your work to ensure all safety precautions and procedures are being adhered to, as we are experts in our field we will be able to offer insights into potential improvements that can be made. We will engage with your employees to allow them to be involved in the process and we will also interact with all levels of management to ensure your employees, at all levels feel valued in the process and gain their buy into to an improved safety culture.

These inspections are not designed to find fault and put people on the spot but rather to work together to improve and learn together. It is generally accepted that regular health and safety inspections lower the risk of accidents and incidents while demonstrating your company’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of your employees and those your business interacts with.

We will provide a professional and detailed report of the inspection or audit along with proposals for improvements that can then be compared to demonstrate continued improvements.